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Image by Jasmin Ne


"When any species undergoes a reproduction crisis, a name is given it; "endangered." Arguably Christianity has entered such a crisis; our inability to reproduce the faith is the number one problem facing our family and churches today." 

- From Tablet to Table by Leonard Sweet


I am a wife, mom to 3 boys, a dog lover, coffee snob, gatherer, decorator, event planner, discipler, and anything that has to do with experiencing God. 

My biggest passion is helping women grow in their knowledge of God and be rooted and grounded in Him and His calling on their life. 

Call it discipleship or mentorship. Both include teaching women to grow in their faith, go out into the world, and give their very lives away for His glory! That's what I love doing!

I am originally from Texas but today I live in Tennessee with my hunk of a husband and our three boys. We are a blended family.

God was gracious to send me women along my journey to help me navigate my life in Christ...older women willing to invest in me and share spiritual truths -- spiritual deposits. These are the spiritual deposits that I have received at different points in my life and I continue to pass them on to other women today. 

So here I am...with a heart to reproduce the faith...and praying for women to stand on truth that they are called and qualified by God to do far abundantly more than they could ever think or imagine in every area of their life.


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