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This discipleship program is a 9 week group and one-on-one coaching program dedicated to helping you be the woman God created you to be and live your life according to God's original design and help you navigate God's plan and purpose for your life.

We will dig into God's Word to answer life questions such as...

⇢ Who am I?

⇢ Why am I here?

⇢ Where am I going?

⇢ Does my life matter?

⇢ Is there anything special about me?

⇢ What is my calling and purpose in life?

⇢ How can I contribute to making the world a better place?

⇢ Can I make a difference?

This program will include

⇢ Group and one-on-one coaching via zoom or in-person when possible.

⇢ Weekly action steps 

⇢ Accountability

Bonus: Life Purpose Journal!!

This will help you consider, clarify, and commit to your calling by identifying your gifts, talents, passion, values, vision, and mission. 



Let’s Work Together

Are you interested?

Send me a message to let me know what excites you about this program then you will be instructed on what to do next once you submit your info.

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